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β€œJust remember, even your worst days only have twenty-four hours”
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when you want to have a conversation with someone but theres nothing to talk aboutΒ 


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My anaconda will consider it

My anaconda has, upon review of the information presented with it’s partners, decided that it, in fact, does not. My anaconda apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause and thanks you for your time.

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there are people that use their phone in the bathroom and there are people that lie

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you are NOT stagnate you are NOT at a dead end everyone around you is NOT going into an exciting phase of their life, you are in some way or another working every fucking day to just be alive and if youre alive you have stuff that you’re passionate about, that you’re going to love, and whether it manifests in a career or a relationship or a family or a friendship or just a hobby that takes up your time it is ENOUGH

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i can’t believe that tomorrow is the 1st of halloween

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my wallet needs to be as thick as my thighs

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